Today, more than ever, land is something most people would really benefit from having. For the growing family, a recreational farm or weekend get-away is just a dream for most people.

Instead of thinking about how expensive a 1-5 acre lot in the city is, consider buying 10-25 acres about 30 minutes to 1 hour away in the rural areas. Many times this land can be purchased for about $5,000/acre and the owners will finance it with 10-15% down and 5% interest with flexible terms.

For example, let’s take a 25 acre parcel for 5k/acre or total purchase price of $125k. The down payment could be as little as 5k to 25k and interest only payments of 5% .For example say 15k down on 125k leaving a loan balance of 110k or $5,500 interest annually or $458/month. This $458 is less than a new SUV OR TRUCK payment but consider what you now have. The vehicle will be fun and great for vacations and outdoor work but will NOT go down in value. The land can become a great place to escape ON WEEK ENDS or recreation for family and friends, and better yet a great place to share with children and grand children.

I personally did not grow up in a rural environment but had an uncle who was a wealthy timber man. I visited his farm and played with him and my cousins. They had cows, chickens, hogs and horses. They were not near neighbors but knew everybody in the county. From this experience, I learned the value of hard work and the benefits of owning nice rural land. After college and pursuing a corporate accounting career for several years, I heard the land and the real estate business calling. Like most people, I started out selling homes in residential real estate for about 5 years before I was able to BUY my first tract of land. Actually, I listed the land to sell it and after 12 months it had not sold and the owner was retired and really wanted to sell it. I asked her if she would sell it to me and finance for me so she could have a monthly income. She agreed and I became the owner of a 65 acre farm on the edge of town. The place was overgrown and you couldn’t even see the 2 acre pond. It had many overgrown and dilapidated outbuildings. I had no idea where to start but had a friend with a chain saw and he loved to do physical labor. For about a year, he and I worked every chance we could and in just 30 days, the place began to shine. To make a long story short-this led to many more properties and a lot of fun in life with my friends, colleagues and family.

Today, I still have  recreational family min-farms (fewer than 35 acre farm size) and actually spend a lot of time encouraging other people to do the same. On top of everything else, this can be a great retirement fund vehicle. It will allow for relaxation, accomplishment and great exercise which we all need. Also, we have learned to become organic small farmers and this may really become important in this volatile world we now live in.

In the grand scheme of life, if it costs $1,000/month to have the land, it is really worth it and most 2 income families can afford it if they eliminate a lot of unnecessary extras they really don’t need.


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